12 Overview

The research team

Data resulting from the activities of this research project have been stored and analyzed. The information already collected gives an idea of the overall situation of the schools in these three departments and the conditions in which children with disabilities attend school. A high rate of students with disabilities related to motor, mental, cognitive and sensory-motor impairments were identified. Such a reality further motivates the research team to pursue the investigation in order to understand and find explanations as to why impairments are so frequent in some cases and are hidden in others, and what should be done to help suffering students. Whether these are visible impairments, more or less identifiable signs, as well as factors that alter the expected development of children, there are many indications that the problems are enormous. The cases listed in the chapters above are evidence of this. Because of the appalling events of October 2016 which affected the education sector materially, environmentally and in terms of loss and human casualties, the application of a fairer educational policy that is more realistic and compensatory has become a necessity.

Teachers, school principals and ministry officials have been made aware that disability is not necessarily a miserable fate, and that a child in this situation can have a fulfilling school and social life if accommodations are made available. Since disability manifests itself in a variety of forms, effective learning strategies must be used to meet children’s needs. Therefore, those who are unable to develop at the expected pace in learning could be treated more thoughtfully, through diagnosis and actions aimed at providing information on the causes of their problems and the support their cases need.


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