Biographical notes of contributors

Déméro, Vijonet  has studied education sciences. He teaches leadership, cognition and learning at the Institut Universitaire de Formation des Cadres (INUFOCAD). He is a member of the LangSE, associated researcher at the Project Science Ouverte in Haiti and in Africa Francophone of the University Laval and a member of the GIECLAT project.

Florvil, Stéphanie is a member of Cercle de Recherche d’Étude Médicale et Sociale (CREMS) of Société Haïtienne de Santé Mentale (SOHSAM) and of Tribune Nationale de la Jeunesse Haïtienne (TNJH). Her research is entitled “Dysphasia and learning”. She has been working at GIECLAT as research assistant since 2018.

Gédéon, Pierre Edher is a research assistant at the GIECLAT. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He has been trained in motivation, leadership and personal development at the Universidad Adventista Dominicana (UNAD, Bonao). He is currently conducting research in comparing data in Law and data in Psychology.

Janvier, Louis-Pierre is a professional educator. He is the coordinator of the CASAS (Commission d’Appui Scolaire et d’Appui social) of the Ministry of National Education and the Professional Development. He is an associate researcher of the GIECLAT.

Lainy, Rochambeau has a Ph.D. in Linguistics and a master’s degree in Education Sciences  from Rouen University (France). He teaches Semantics, Psycholinguistics and Psychopedagogy at the State University of Haiti. He also lectures at the Public University of Grand’Anse. He is a founding member of GIECLAT (Groupe d’Initiative pour l’Étude de la Cognition, du Langage, de l’Apprentissage et des Troubles). He is the author of more than twenty scientific articles and co-author and editor of three books in linguistics and educational sciences. His research focuses on semantics, analogy in the emergence of knowledge and languages, acquisition and disorders.

Regulus, Samuel is a member of the GIECLAT and the international scientific Committee of Projet de la Route de l’esclave de l’UNESCO and co-researcher of the project SOHA. He has a Ph.D. degree in Ethnology and Heritage from Laval University, after graduating in sociology and in History, Memory and Heritage at the State University of Haiti. His research interests focus on issues of comparative politics, religion, cultural transmission and education.

Saint-Cyr, Danielo has studied Psychology and Law. He is currently an instructor teaching Law at the Informatics Alliance. He is also an instructor of conversational French at the PNUE and holds the position of pedagogical director at the IJD (Institution Jude). He is currently working on a research study entitled: “Dyslexia and dyscalculia of children in school learning”.

Sylvestre, Nelson is Professor at the State University of Haiti. He has a Ph.D. in Sociology of Development and held a Ph.D. candidacy in Structural Construction Engineering (Project Engineering). He completed a master’s degree at FLACSO and UNAM. His research interests focus on development, design and management of project, training programs, coaching of public authority. He is a member-creator of CEREGE (Centre de Recherche Éducation-Gestion-Économie) of the Public University of Grand’Anse.

Wamba, Nathalis is full Professor in the Graduate Program in Education Leadership in the Department of Educational and Community Programs at Queens College, City University of New York. His research interests include education policy, community-based participatory action research, post-colonialism and education. He is the co-author/editor of three books: Exit Narratives: Reflections of Four Retired Teachers by University Press of America 2010; Learning Differences: Research, Practice and Advocacy by Learning Disabilities Worldwide 2010; and Poverty and Literacy by Routledge 2012.


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