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Les Éditions science et bien commun is a project of the Association science et bien commun (Science and the Common Good Association) (ASBC), a nonprofit organization registered in Quebec in July 2011.


The mission of the Association is to support and disseminate trans-university research that promotes the development of science that is pluralistic, open, fair, multilingual, non-sexist, non-racist, socially responsible, in order to promote the common good.

For more information, write to info@scienceetbiencommun.org, or subscribe to the Twitter account @ScienceBienComm or the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/scienceetbiencommun.

Les Éditions science et bien commun

An innovative editorial project with the following values:

  • open access digital publishing, in addition to other formats
  • multidisciplinarity, as much as possible
  • publication in multiple languages, including African national languages or Creole, in addition to French
  • internationalization, to bring together authors from different countries and to write for an audience from different countries and cultures
  • Cognitive justice is our chief aim:
  • each collective book, even if it is the proceedings of a conference, should aspire to parity between women and men, juniors and seniors, authors from the North and from the South; in any case, all books should avoid imbalance between these points of view;
  • each book, even if written by only one person, should endeavour to include references to both the countries of the North and the South, in its themes or in its bibliography;
  • each book should aim for accessibility and “readability”, limiting jargon, even if it is scientifically oriented and peer-reviewed.

The catalogue

The catalogue of Éditions science et bien commun (ESBC) is composed of books that respect the values and principles of ESBC set out above.

  • Scientific works (collectively written or monographs) which may be original unpublished manuscripts, or from theses, dissertations, colloquia, seminars or research projects, digital republications or university textbooks. Unpublished manuscripts will be peer-reviewed in an open manner, unless the authors do not wish to do so (see the evaluation point above).
  • Works of citizen or participatory science, popular science or local and traditional knowledge, whose aim is to make this knowledge available to a wider readership.
  • Essays on science and science policy (e.g. in social studies of science or science ethics).
  • Anthologies of texts already published but not accessible on the web, in a language other than French, or which are not open access but of demonstrated scientific, intellectual or heritage interest.
  • Textbooks or educational books for children

For open and universal access, through digital technology, to scientific books published by authors from countries in the Global South and North.

For more information: write to info@editionscienceetbiencommun.org


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